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Encouraging Good Nutrition for Adopted Boxers

Austin Boxer rescue formed a partnership with Canidae Pet Food to encourage good nutrition for dogs adopted from ABR, offer our supporters rewards on their dog food purchases and generate needed funds for Austin Boxer Rescue's work across Texas. The partnership provides the opportunity for ABR supporters to order high quality food for their dogs through the ABR or affiliate websites and receive a 10% reward for every purchase. Canidae will donate 5% of every purchase made through the ABR or affiliate websites to ABR. Please click below to register begin ordering!

Helping Boxers Regain Their Health, Trust in People, and Prepared for Family Life

Austin Boxer Rescue (ABR) is a volunteer-led, non-profit dog rescue established in 2006 has saved over 5,500 dogs since its founding. ABR serves the entire state of Texas with over 1,000 dedicated volunteers.  ABR rescues dogs from public shelters and individual owners who can no longer care for their dogs. ABR partners with over 100 Texas public shelters and 17 Texas veterinary practices. Dogs in ABR’s care are transported, fed nutritious food, and provided with clean, comfortable shelter. They receive needed medical care including heartworm treatment and spay/neuter, preventive medication, training, rehabilitation and kind human interaction. With ABR, rescued dogs regain their health and trust in people, prepare for family life and join carefully screened adoptive families. ABR offers special programs for senior dogs and dogs requiring ongoing medical care.


Adapting to Texas' Increasing Need for Austin Boxer Rescue (ABR) Services

The need for ABR services has increased with the rapidly growing Texas population, the high popularity of the Boxer breed, and the challenges of caring for a Boxer. Texas has the highest level of population growth based on the 2020 Census and is home to 5 of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Population growth in Texas is expected to continue to rise for decades.

The number of Boxers in the US tripled between 2010 and 2016 reaching over 1.5 million dogs, and sadly, due to the challenges involved in caring for a Boxer, they have become one of the top 10 breeds to end up in shelters as documented by Pet Adoption Statistics in 2020. The American Boxer Club reports that Boxers are challenging due to extremely high energy levels that last into old age which may develop behavior problems and be destructive, and a higher frequency of serious illness than other breeds. Treating Boxer illnesses is very expensive and can result in owner surrender. ABR accepts the ongoing challenge of helping Boxers find new, loving forever homes.

Austin Boxer Rescue (ABR) is the parent organization for Lone Star Boxer Rescue in Houston, DFW Boxer Rescue in Dallas-Fort Worth, and Alamo Boxer Rescue in San Antonio.

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Canidae will donate 5% of every purchase made through the ABR or affiliate website to ABR.